Walkinshaw Performance

Walkinshaw Racing Edition gives VF Commodore 550kW

Sep 11, 2014

If you’re after outright Aussie muscle, look no further. Walkinshaw Performance has just revealed its latest, storm-inducing Racing Edition package that gives the humble Holden Commodore the power of two SS Commodores put together. Yes,...

Walkinshaw Performance W457 & W497 kits announced

Oct 17, 2013

Not happy with the massive power of the new Gen-F HSV GTS? Holden specialist Walkinshaw Performance has come up with upgrade packages for the VF Commodore and HSV that will cause your eyeballs to explode...

Walkinshaw Performance ‘W375’ kit for Gen-F HSV

Sep 13, 2013

HSV’s new Gen-F Clubsport R8 SV not mean enough for you? Walkinshaw Performance has announced a new W375 package for the Clubsport, Tourer and Maloo that might be more suitable. Using the HSV’s 6.2-litre naturally...